1 to 2.5


268.1 inches


131.5 inches

Weight ca.

48.5 lbs+

The ASK 21 is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) two-seater midwing glider aircraft with a T-tail. The ASK 21 is designed primarily for beginner instruction, but is also suitable for cross-country flying and aerobatic instruction.The ASK 21 was designed by Rudolf Kaiser as an improvement of the popular ASK 13, to provide a modern two-seat aircraft bridging thegap between initial training and single-seat performance flying. The thick wing profile gives good low-speed characteristics.

This model, built to the  scale of 1:2.5, results in an airframe with a wingspan of 680cm and a length of 334cm (131.5 in.). The model, once in its element with its  gigantic proportions, enthuses and inspires both thermal and aerobatic fans with her well-mannered flight characteristics.  White gel-coated fiberglass fuselage with formed carbon-fiber reinforced vertical stabilizer -  Fiberglass rudder and horizontal tailplane Glass/carbon reinforced Styro/Obechi wing with built in double blade spoilers - Shock absorbing main gear - Cockpit tub, Fiberglass canopy frames - CNC milled formers - Clear canopies.


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