1 to 2.2


267.7 inches


114.1 inches

Weight ca.

40 lbs+



The ASW-15, designed in 1968 by Gerhard Waibel and built in series by Schleicher, is a glass composite sailplane, with shoulder-mounted wings and all-flying tailplane. The placement of its single tow-release is a compromise between the ideal placement for winching and aerotowing. With its tall vertical fin an mid-fin mounted horizontal tailplane, the combination of good looks and great performance has established this aircraft as a well loved "early" classic.

With this full composite kit of the ASW at a scale of 1:2.2 you receive the very latest in composite construction and German know-how. This glider exceeds both in aesthetics as well as performance. Wether you are chasing thermals or flying the slope, this glider will be the one. Due to the very high level of prefabrication you will be able to complete the build in very little time and will get you in the air asap.

White gel coat finish, fiberglass fuselage, fiberglass tail feathers, fiberglass sandwich wings with two-level speedbrakes build in, wingmount done using a 25mm aluminum/carbon hybrid system, gapfree hinges, fiberglass canopy frame, cnc-milled former set, clear canopy


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