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RG 15

The L-13 Blaník is a two seater trainer glider produced by Let Kunovice since 1956. It is the most numerous and widely used glider in the world. In United States Air Force Academy service, it is designated TG-10C and is used for basic flight training. It was widely adopted in the Soviet bloc and was exported in large numbers to Western Europe and North America. Total production was in excess of 2650, or more than 3000 if variants are included. More than half a century after its first flight it is still the most common glider in the World. The outstanding flight characteristics brought the Blanik 12 World Records.

The model is manufactured using molded, full fiberglass (FG) techniques and is delivered with a silver finish.  The formed, characteristic panels on the tailplane and wing surfaces plus the unusual wing "tip tanks" give the aircraft its striking appearance.  With its forward-swept wings and imposing in-flight presentation, the Blanik provides a welcome attraction at any airfield. All joiners and fittings in the wings an fuselage are pre-installed.  With the exception of a few glue joints and the installation of the RC gear, the model is practically ready to fly.  Kit Information:Full FG construction with a base silver finish > Double-leaf spoilers > Club formed wing tips > FG canopy frame > Round steel wing joiner> Wings compatible with the "VIVAT" motor-glider.


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