1 to 3.3


141 inches


96.5 inches

Weight ca.

42 lbs+


Moki S180

Moki S250

The Zlin Z-37 Čmelák (Czech: "Bumblebee"), also known as LET Z-37 Čmelák is an agricultural aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia.The aircraft is used mainly as a cropduster.

Stephan Völker, multiple German Champion, has developed this kit and gave the model all the scale details, hatches, screw heads,panel lines and rivets found on the original. This full composite kit comes in yellow. Scale flaps, slots and a suspended undercarriage completed the scale appearance of this wonderful kit. Only by applying the latest in full composite technology it was possible to keep this giant scale aircraft below 45 pounds. The Cmelak is a perfect candidate for glider tow, not only due to its giant scale and will stand out at any air show.

Full composite kit -> comes in yellow -> flaps -> two piece wing with pre installed mounting points for the undercarriage-> detachable horizontal tail plane  -> window kit


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