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85  inches


94.5 inches

Weight ca.

35 lbs+






Scale retract system with brakes and wheels

Pneumatic set

Custom fuel tank

Custom exhaust pipe

Scale cockpit

Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for electric retract upgrade

The F9F Cougar was the U.S. Navy's first swept wing fighter and was the American answer to the MIG 15 in the Korean War.  A further development of the F9 Panther, the major visible modifications were the swept wing and horizontal tailplane giving the airframe an even more "slippery" look.  After the war, the Cougar was assigned to further duties as a reconnaissance and drone aircraft, and was also used by the famed Navy Aerobatics team - the "Blue Angles".Airworld has developed the F9F to a scale of 1:5 from original drawings with all rivets and details, speed-brakes, dive-brakes and flaps.To help reduce building time, the air ducting and the CNC milled formers are pre-installed "in-the-mold". Easy access to the turbine is accomplished thru the removable top hatch.  As an accessory, we offer a scale retract-gear set wit a pneumatic drum brake system which has already been successfully used time and time again in Airworld’s L-39 Albatros.Full fiberglass construction, CNC milled formers and gear hard-points pre-installed,  Two-piece fiberglass wing panels with installed joiner sockets and servo mounts, Plug-in horizontal tailplane with built in servo mounts, Gap free control surfaces, Fiberglass cockpit frame,Numerous scale accessories.


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