1 to 4.5


86.7 inches


76.7 inches

Weight ca.

22 lbs+


Kolm EZ65

Kolm IL100

Dago Red is a P-51 Mustang (44-74996), restored as a competitive air racer by Frank Taylor in 1981. Dago Red holds several world records, including the 15 km (517.323 mph) set in 1983. The plane has recently been reacquired by Frank Taylor, who piloted the plane to most of its world records in the 1980s.Six time winner of the National Championship Air Races (1982, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003)Mojave, California 1983 - World Speed Record 15 km (517.323 mph)Unlimited Reno Air Races 1982 - Gold Winner Reno Air Races 2003 - Thompson Trophy (512.164 mph)Reno Air Races 2001 - Fastest Qualifying Speed (497.797 mph)The Airworld kit of the Dago Red incorporates absolute scale lines, the rivets, the panel lines -everything.The wings are prepared to accept the scale retract system. The kit comes in red, which makes completing the paint job easier.Full composite kit -> comes in red -> flaps -> single piece wing -> prepared for Airwold’s scale retract system -> detachable horizontal tail plane  -> extensive decal sheet


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