1 to 2.2


130 inches


122 inches

Weight ca.

42 lbs+


Kolm BX240

Kolm BX310

2-stroke 150cc+

Our new,  full fiberglass,  Extra 330 is the ultimate aerobat following the motto "Big is Beautiful".  Built to a scale of 1:2.2 giving a wingspan of 130 inches (330cm), the Extra is most impressive both in size and performance.  

Using carbon/kevlar composite techniques has enabled us to provide prospective pilots with a highly competitive, lightweight and sturdy airframe that is also suitable for "Sunday" flying.  In terms of flight performance and handling, our Extra 330 emulates the full-sized aircraft in every way!  The "Laws of Physics" do not seem to apply to this model!

3-D flight has never been easier!

Kevlar-carbon sandwich fuselage -> Two-piece fiberglass wings with a 60mm (2.36 in) carbon fiber joiner tube -> Two-piecehorizontal detachable tail plane with carbon fiber joiner -> All servo mounts pre-installed -> Prefabricated, recessed hinging onall movable surfaces -> Fiberglass cockpit frame -> Carbon-fiber main gear -> Clear canopy -> Carbon/Kevlar wheel pantsand motor mount -> Carbon fiber tail wheel bracket and spinner -> Servo mounting plate with built-in, ball raced rudder tiller-bar ->Fiberglass tank mount


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