118 inches


118 inches

Weight ca.

45 lbs+


Moki S250

Moki S300

Moki S400

With modification

Gee Bees were some of the most successful airplanes of the Golden Age of airracing during the 20s and 30s.Using gigantic Pratt&Whitney engines they were build for speed. The R3 is an advancement of the Gee Bee types R1 and R2 which exists on the drawing boards only. The elongated fuselage was designed to improve flyingcharacteristics and was meant to make landind the airplane easier. Unfortunately the R3 never left the drawing board as the times of air racing and considerable  price money to be won were over. Horst Streicher, owner of STO, got his hands on those drawings and was sure of one thing: There HAS to be a model of the R3 design by STO in 3D space, CNC cut plugs and molds in combination with our know-how in composite sandwich design and fabrication made this outstanding plane finally come to live.This airplane WILL be the highlight of any Air show!Full composite kit -> flaps -> two  piece wing ->  detachable horizontal tail plane -> wheels and landing gear included


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