1 to 3.25


89 inches


78 inches

Weight ca.

21 lbs+


Kolm EZ50

Kolm BX100

In the United States, the Glasair series sport aircraf from Stoddart-Hamilton has been a very successful entry in the kitplanes segment for man-carrying aircraft.  Our Super-Scale kit is built to a scale of 1:3.25. All details, down to the NACA airscoop in the fuselage, have been faithfully reproduced giving the model its striking appearance.  The model has also proven to be a reliable sailplane tug.  The full fiberglass kit includes a fixed fiberglass main gear.  All  fiberglass parts come with a white gelcoat finish, and thru the use of the included graphics packet, no painting is required.

Full fiberglass construction, No painting necessary, One-piece main wing, Landing flaps, Wheel spats, Removable tailplane and rudder.


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