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66.1 inches


111 inches

Weight ca.

41 lbs+






Scale retract system with brakes and wheels

Pneumatic set

Custom fuel tank

Custom exhaust pipe

Scale cockpit

Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for electric retract upgrade

Despite it's small size, the JAS 39 Gripen is a true multi-role aircraft, carrying all electronics required for every mission. Thus a single aircraft will be able to replace the Viggen in all its versions. The JAS 39 is one of the lightest of the new generation of fighters for the late '90s. Its configuration is that of a canarded delta, powered by a more powerful derivative of the G.E. F404 engine.The JAS 39  is a new all-purpose fighter designed to replace all models of the Royal Swedish Air Force's Viggens and the remaining Drakens currently in service. The JAS 39 is truly a multi-role aircraft in every sense of the word. Configuring the aircraft for fighter, attack, or recce mission types is done simply by modifying the onboard computer software and related systems. Data is passed on to the pilot via three head-down MFDs and wide-angle HUD. For enemy targeting, the MFD to the right of the pilot presents targeting data acquired by the radar, FLIR, and weapons sensors. The total requirement for the Swedish Air Force stands at 300 aircraft to equip 16 squadrons.


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