1 to 4.5


81.8 inches


98.4 inches

Weight ca.



Scale retract system       (includes gear, wheels and brakes)  

Pneumatic System         

Scale Cockpit Kit                   

Composite Fueltank 4,2 Liters                

Custom exhaust pipe                  

Intake Duct                    

Wingbag Set

Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for electric retract upgrade

The Hawk is one of the most successful advanced trainers in the world. Used by the Royal Air Force and 14 other air arms worldwide,this lithe and exciting jet is also a carrier-capable advanced trainer for the US Navy and is being developed into a versatile family of lightweight fighters. But the Hawk is also a high-flying ambassador of goodwill: the all-red Hawks of the RAF's Red Arrows have entertained more than 50 million spectators in the past 18 years.The Hawk is a tandem-seat transonic ground-attack and training aircraft of conventional layout, with a low-mounted wing. Its primary structure is designed for a safe fatigue life of 6,000 hours in the exacting conditions demanded by the RAE. Simplicity of design and manufacture are emphasized to ensure that the aircraft has a high utilization rate and is inexpensive to operate, One man can prepare the aircraft for its next flight in fewer than 20 minutes between sorties, and in the weapon-training role it can be re-armed by four men in fewer than 15 minutes.


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