1 to 2.5


137.8 inches


112 inches

Weight ca.

52 lbs+


Kolm BX135

Moki BX240 for towing

140cc+ 2-stroke for towing

This Jodel Robin at a 1:25/40% scale is the perfect tow plane! BUt there i not only the stable tow characteristics, this model offers sheer enjoyment in solo flight, as well. Due to the chosen RG15A profile you will be able to land at the exact point, at the slowest possible airspeed. To make it easier to transport Paritech made the tailfeathers detachable.And the main gear only takes two bolts to be removed.

The Jodel, just like the original, has a flying stab, the whole horizontal control surface is hinged just like the original.

The Jodel features all of the surface detail you will find on the original, this is truly a scale kit.


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