140 inches


67 inches

Weight ca.

11 lbs+



The Slingsby T.6/T.23 Kirby Kite was a single-seat sport glider produced from 1935, by Fred Slingsby in Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire.During the early 1930s there was a dearth of high-performance gliders that could be flown by relatively inexperienced pilots.To remedy this shortcoming Fred Slingsby modified the Grunau Baby design with longer gulled wings and rounded fuselage formers skinned with plywood, resulting in the T.6 Kirby Kite.

We have chosen to model the Type-23, a variant  with a landing wheel and an aerodynamically optimized wing/fuselage joint in our proven full fiberglass (FG)/composite technology.The marriage of the gull-wing shape with the traditional wood framework and transparent surface shell proved to be a challenge us, that, based upon customer and public feedback, has been positively met.  The Kirby Kite exhibits very good thermal flight characteristics and presents an absolutely beautiful sight with the evening sun shining thru the transparent covering.Kit Information: Full fiberglass construction - Open frame two-piece wing and tail group, with transparent fiberglass  covering - fiberglass  wing struts.


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