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18 lbs+


Kolm EZ50

Moki 50

In the beginnings of the 1930's, the Klemm was conceived as an open two-seater in tandem configuration.  She was placed in service by the German Luftwaffe as a trainer and it was there that she won the hearts of her pilots for her great aerobatic qualities and docile landing characteristics. Our model, developed to a scale of 1:4, has all the characteristic details molded into the fiberglass parts.  The three-piece, plug-in main wing comes from the factory with the plug-in setup pre-installed.  The same is true with the two-piece tail plane.  For this model, a special scale undercarriage was developed, whereas the bellows and the gear braces follow the exact form of the original.  This gear has proven to be very effective in absorbing the landing and takeoff loads.  The gear mounts come factory pre-installed in the wing center section.  These are some of the features that will provide you with an Oldtimer that combines perfect looks with fantastic flight characteristics,  enabling you to get into the air in a minimum amount of time.

Full fiberglass construction,  Three-piece wing > Wheel fairings  Pinking tapes on the wings,  Sockets for the scale main gear pre-installed > Fiberglass main gear braces,  Steerable tailwheel.


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