1 to 2.8


197 inches


102 inches

Weight ca.

35 lbs+



The SZD-21 Kobuz was a single-seat aerobatic glider designed and built in Poland at Szybowcowy Zakład Doświadczalny(Glider Experimental Works) in Bielsko-Biała from 1958. The SZD-21 was a successor to the IS-4 Jastrząb.  It competed at the highest levels into the late 1980s.The Kobuz is the legendary forerunner to the SWIFT.  Since the 1960's the all wood(!) constrution "ruled the roost" in the aerobatic glider scene and was finally "bumped" from her perch in the early 90's by the Swift.

Our model of the Kobuz, as with our new Swift, is produced using our proven full fiberglass technology providing a bit of enrichment to the scene.    Kit Information: Full, white gel-coated, fiberglass  construction  with carbon fiber reinforced vertical fin - fiberglass  horizontal tailplane and rudder- Carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass /composite wings with built-in double-leaf spoilers - 25mm fiberglass  rod wing joiner - fiberglass  canopy frame- CNC milled formers - Clear canopy.


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