149 inches


71 inches

Weight ca.

11 lbs+



In the beginnings of the 1930's, a group of enthusiastic sailplane pilots under the leadership of Ernö Rubik, set out to develope the Nemere as Hungary's entry for the Olympic Games.  The Nemere, as a full fiberglass (FG) model, is an old-timer that is a wonderful sight to behold on tow and on the slope due to her timeless elegance and majestic flight presence.   The high level of pre-fabrication of the model allows you to enjoy the benefits of an "oldie" without spending years "hibernating"over the building board.   Kit Information:  Full FG/composite construction - Open frame two-piece wing and tail group, with transparent FG covering- Built-in double-leaf spoilers with installed linkages - Full floating elevator and rudder FG canopy frame  - 12mm round steel wing joiner  - White/transparent design.


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