1 to 4.125


78.75 inches


66 inches

Weight ca.

22 lbs+


Moki 45


Cockpit kit including 2 machine guns and two exhaust stacks

160mm (6.25 in.) scale wheels

Special mount for Moki 45

Ask for museum scale flying propellers

During the First World War, the entry of the SPAD series biplanes in 1916 by the Bleriot aircraft company heralded the beginning of the most famous French fighter of the time period.  The outstanding feature of this aircraft was its performance.  The success story began with the SPAD VII and culminated  with the SPAD XII, outfitted with a 200 HP Hispano-Suiza  V8 engine.

We have succeeded in re-creating a near perfect reproduction of this famous aircraft in quarter-scale using our proven full fiberglass construction. The (simulated) fabric covering , and all eight wing struts plus the cabane assembly are done in fiberglass – even the mounting nuts are molded into the struts.  The MOKI 45, together with the special "banana" muffler, fits completely within the cowl allowing the use of a scale diameter propeller of 24 in. diameter.


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