1 to 2.4


124 inches


108.3 inches

Weight ca.

44 lbs+


Moki S180

Moki S250

Moki S300

The Sukhoi Su-26 is a single-seater aerobatics plane from the former Soviet Union, powered by a single radial reciprocating engine.The Su-26 has mid-mounted straight wings and fixed landing gear, the main gear mounted on a solid titanium arc.The Sukhoi Su-26 made its first flight in June 1984, the original four having a two-bladed prop. The production switched to the Su-26M,with refined tail surfaces and a 3-bladed Hoffman prop. Further refinements were made, and the model won both the men's and women's team prizes at the 1986 World Aerobatics Championships. The modified Su-26M3 with the new M9F 430-hp engine dominated the 2003 and 2005 Aerobatic World Championships as well as the 2004 European Championships. It was exported to Argentina in the 1990s.The ULTIMATE acrobat with the incomparable characteristics brought about thru the use of a Moki radial engine, the AirworldSu-26MX with a wingspan of 315cm (124 in.). Competition-proven by Werner Url in the European Akro-Cup series, this machine isa "MUST HAVE" for every Sukhoi fan Full composite kit with super-light and sturdy Kevlar/carbon-fiber sandwich fuselage -> two-piece fiberglass wing panels-> detachable composite horizontal tail plane -> Built-in joiner sockets -> fiberglass canopy frame -> main gear • fiberglass wheel pants  


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