1 to 2.9


106.3 inches


90.6 inches

Weight ca.

29.5 lbs+


Moki S180

Moki S250

The Sukhoi Su-26 is a single-seater aerobatics plane from the former Soviet Union, powered by a single radialreciprocating engine.

Our model of the SU-31 is well suited for the seasoned competition pilot and also for those "Sunday" flyers who simply enjoy sport aerobatics.  Working closely with the multiple European champion, Harald Elsässer and his brother Heinz, we developed this model specifically for the European Akro-Cup (similar to the IMAC in the united States) in the scale of 1:3.  Our goal was to create a model with smooth and precise aerobatic qualities while retaining docile low speed and landing characteristics.  Anyone who has seen Harald Elsasser fly his program with this model, knows what we mean!  All parts are painstakingly built using a light but very strong full fiberglass construction technique.  The  fuselage is reinforced in key locations using a sandwich procedure, and all prominant surface features, such as rivets, fasteners, etc., are preformed.  The Sukhoj (Sukhoi) SU-31 is an imposing competition model with impressive aerobatic capability and striking looks! Kit information:Full fiberglass construction Two-piece, plug-in wings, Plug-in tailplane, Fiberglass canopy frame, Fiberglass main gear, Cooling baffles, Wheel spats, Cockpit kit, Carbon fiber, tailwheel assembly.   


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