1 to 2.5


199 inches


102 inches

Weight ca.

35 lbs+



The Swift S-1 is a single seat aerobatic glider manufactured by polish company Swift Ltd.Edward Margański and Jerzy Makula developed the Swift at Bielsko-Biała from the SZD-21-2b Kobuz 3.The prototype first flew in 1991.The glider is made of glass-fibre epoxy composite. It is very strong (stressed for plus and minus 10g) and maneuverable (a roll takes 4 seconds). We have successfully met the goals of the original in model dimensions.The striking lines and breathtaking areobatic performance are shared by both the model and the full-sized machine.  Our use of the HQ airfoil and the optional, plug-in wing extensions, also permits the performance potential in thermic flight to be demonstrated. Full fiberglass (FG) with all control surfaces gap-free mounted and ready for hook-up.  Wing flaps are available as an option. Dominating the contest scene, the SWIFT is the most successful aerobatic soarer to date.  The model is structurally optimized, with the wings being carbon fiber reinforced allowing virtually unlimited aerobatics that are guaranteed to fascinate not only competition pilots. Kit Information:White gel-coated fiberglass (FG) fuselage with carbon fiber reinforced vertical fin- Carbon fiber reinforced, FG/composite wings with installed double-leaf spoilers - FG rudder and horizontal tailplane- 25mm FG rod wing joiner FG canopy frame CNC-milled bulkheads Transparent canopy.



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