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148 inches


69 inches

Weight ca.

12 lbs+


RG 15

The SZD-24 Foka (Seal) (Szybowcowy Zakład Doświadczalny - Glider Experimental Works) was a single-seat high performance aerobatic glider designed and built in Poland in 1960.The SZD-24 Foka was designed for competition flying in the 'Standard' class as well as aerobatic flying. The design originated from adesign competition within SZD which was won by the ”Delfin”, to become the SZD-24 Foka in production. The Foka was the holder of seven world records and many Polish national records.

Our model of the Foka SZD-24 is a 1:4 scale replica of the highly successful Polish aerobatic sailplane. With this model, we won first place in 1990 at the Val di Fassa Euromeeting and in 1992 at the German Air-Towing Championships.The model is manufactured using full fiberglass (FG) technique, with a yellow/orange finish.  The wing joiner sockets and the double-leaf spoilers are factory installed.  The graphics sheet with the striking Foka lettering style rounds out the full optical representation of the model.Kit Information: Full FG construction Yellow/orange finish FG canopy frame Formed landing skid Built-in, double-leaf spoilers Spar carry-thru for the 14 x 2mm, flat steel wing joiner.


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