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99.2 inches


84.7 inches

Weight ca.

20 lbs+




Scale retract system with wheels

Pneumatic set

Custom fuel tank

Custom exhaust pipe

Scale cockpit

Ask for pilot

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Ask for electric retract upgrade

In 1998 Wayne Handley, with sponsorship by ORACLE, and seeking an even more impressive airshow aircraft, Wayne set out to create the exceptional Oracle Turbo Raven which was the world’s only aerobatic aircraft with a thrust to weight ratio higher than one. With this unheard of power loading the Oracle Turbo Raven could fly straight up, hover in mid-air, back up, stop,and then accelerate straight up out of the hover. The aircraft also had enough power that it could recover from flat spins simply by flying out of them with the nose still on the horizon. Airworld makes this aircraft available using CAD/CAM, in 1:3 scale using full fiberglass/carbon fiber (FG/CF) techniques.  The fuselage is layed up as a Herex-sandwich with Aramid (Kevlar) reinforcementin critical areas. The ailerons are installed using the "elastic-flap" system, and the FG horizontal tailplane is removable. Powered by a turboprop the Airworld Turbo Raven ushers in a new dimension in powered aerobatics! Kit Information:  Kevlar-Carbon sandwich fuselage, Two-piece, plug in FG wing with 35mm aluminum joiner tube  Removable (two-part) horizontal tailplane utilizing a 16mm carbon-fiber joiner rod,  all servo mounts built in, all control surfaces are built in using the "elastic-flap"system , Fiberglass canopy frame, Carbonfiber reinforced main gear, transparent canopy, wheel pants, carbonfiber tailwheel assembly, carbonfiber spinner


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