84.25 inches


65 inches

Weight ca.


Power M version

Kolm EZ50

Power Lversion

Kolm EZ50

2-stroke M and L

35cc plus 2stroke

The ZLIN 50 is the most elegant AND most successful Chechoslovakian aerobat of all time.  With this model, you will be the center of attention on every flying field you visit.  The highly pre-fabricated kit comes with a silver gel-coated finish on all the fiberglass parts and the two-piece, plug-in tailplane makes for a more easily transportable aircraft. The newest version of the Chech. aerobat is the Zlin 50 M, powered with an inline engine, resulting in a lot of room within the cowl for the engine and exhaust system.

Fiberglass parts finished in silver gel-coat One-piece wing Removable rudder and two-piece tailplane Fiberglass main gear.

M Version: inline engine

L Version: opposed twin boxer engine


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