1 to 2.6


135.4 inches


110.3 inches

Weight ca.

49 lbs+


Scale cockpit


Ask for light system

Ask for our museum scale flying propellers

The deHavilland D.H. 82 Tiger Moth was developed from the D.H. 60M Gipsy Moth. First flown in October of 1931, the D.H. 82 faced stiffcompetition to become the basic trainer for Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF). However, after the trials were held, the Tiger Moth emergedthe clear winner, with 35 of the craft being ordered. More than 8,700 Tiger Moths were eventually manufactured, with approximately 4200going to the Royal Air Force, where it trained thousands of pilots for World War II service, and continued to serve the post-war RAF until1951. The main change from the Gipsy Moth to the DH Moth series was necessitated by a desire to improve access to the front cockpit sincethe training requirement specified that the front seat occupant had to be able to escape easily, especially when wearing a parachute. Other changes included a strengthened structure,fold-down doors on both sides of the cockpit and a revised exhaust system. It was powered by a de Havilland Gipsy III 120 hp engine and first flew on 26 October 1931 with de Havilland Chief Test Pilot Hubert Broad at the controls. This is a CAD designed and CNC cut kit. Everything comes together via the tab-lock system, making this build progress quicker and more rewarding than the traditional style of design and construction. The kit contains precision-cut parts from selected plywood, poplar and birch which fit together perfectly and allow for a short building time.The hardware packs include everything you will need to complete the model, with the exception of covering material and glue. The kit gives you the option to build the plane with a detachable tail section fortransport.This complete kit includes:Complete set of wood parts, all brass fittings are included and CNC milled, composite GRP cowling, prefabricated cabane struts, landing gear, composite GRP wing-strut covers, aileron, elevator and rudder control linkage, aluminum tubes, brace wires, windscreen,construction drawings, instrument panel, composite GRP windshield frame, building instructions  and lots of small hardware parts.You just need adhesive and heat shrink film to get started. Please check our homepage for details and  pictures of the accessories we offer.

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