1 to 14


72.1 inches


173.3 inches

Weight ca.

45 lbs+


2 x IQ-H90+


Scale retract system - mechanics and struts

Wheels and brakes

Just like the original this Concorde is an ogival (also "ogee") delta-winged aircraft. It is designed for the use of two 90 size turbines.The Concorde was the first civil airliner to have an (in this case analogue) fly-by-wire flight control system. It also employed a distinctive droop snoot lowering nose section for visibility on approach, which this kit features as well. This full-composite model has been designed by no other than Peter Michel from Germany. The plane has been flown for many years already with great success by pilots such as Thilo Kyritz, Sascha Euteneier, and of course, Mr. Peter Michels himself.

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