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151.6 inches


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Weight ca.

42 lbs+

The BFW M.35, sometimes known as the Messerschmitt M 35, was a German sports plane of the early 1930s. It was the last of a line designed by Willy Messerschmitt himself. The aircraft first flew in 1933.The aircraft was first shown to the public and potential buyers at the 1934 Aerosalon in Geneva. In that year, Rudolph Hess won the Zugspitz trophy in a M.35. In 1934-1935, Will Stor won the German Aerobatic Championship in a M.35a, and in 1935 the women's prize was taken by Vera von Bissing in a similar machine. Despite these successes and strong performances at other venues in the late 1930s, only 15 M.35s were built, 13 registered in Germany,one in Spain and reputedly one in Romania. Though the M.35a was faster, the M.35b was commoner; only two M.35as are definitelyidentified.This kit is full composite and truly the only vintage aviation ARF for the Moki S215 and S250 on the market. Having a fixed landing gear the assembly of this kit is a true breeze. Having flown this plane for many years I can attest its absolutely outstanding aerobatic characteristic and wonderful lines.  This has quickly become one of my favorite airplanes and is sure to be the center of attention.

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