1 to 4.5


138.6 inches


95.3 inches

Weight ca.

35 lbs+



Valach VM120Inline


Turboprop installation kit, custom made

In the United States, the Porter was manufactured under license by Fairchild Hiller. In service with the U.S. Air Force, it received the designation AU-23A Peacemaker. In U.S. Army use, it was designated UV-20 Chiricahua.

When being shipped to you the inside of the fuselage is filled to the brim with parts and accessories such as landing gear, spinner and so forth. All the formers are in place and we are working on a former kit to make a possible turboprop install a breeze.The landing gear, which can be simply bolted on and is otherwise ready for install includes the wheels (tail wheel included as well).The struts are prefabricated and the elevator is removable by simply loosening one bolt, two dowels are used in the front.The hinges for all control surfaces are included, with the holes for the ailerons and flaps being predrilled. The included tail wheel system is suspended. You will be amazed by Mr. Bräuer’s attention to detail and ingenuity as well as the overwhelming scale detail of this kit.

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