steel thimbles

Kavan in Germany makes these extraordinary strong for fine adjustment of flying and bracing wires on scale model airplanes.

We went ahead and had our own tensile strength tests done and the results surpassed what we were hoping for.The M2 nickel-plated brass turnbuckles held up to 100lbs each while the M3 brass turnbuckles held up to 350lbs each.

If you do the math you will see how these two turnbuckles will serve all your miniature aircraft needs.

Dr. Vogelsang is using the M3s on his 1:2.2 scale Fly Baby as well as his 1:2 scale Bücker Jungmeister. The M2s find use in tailfeather applications, for example.


M3 brass turnbuckle

Length:  2.0 - 2.9 inches

Eyebolt:  0.1 inches

Max tested load, no guarantee : 350 lbs


M2 nickel-plated brass turnbuckle

Length:  0.8 - 1.1 inches

Eyebolt:  0.067 inches

Max tested load, no guarantee: 100 lbs

Warbirds Warbirds


Perfect to connect your pull-pull cable to servos, control horns, loops, brackets etc.

Or to connect bracing or tailfeather wires.

The bolt allows you to unhook connections in seconds if needed. They move freely and allow a no-friction connection, eliminating wear and tear.

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