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110.2 inches


106.3 inches

Weight ca.

48 lbs+


Moki S250

Kolm BX240

The Wedell-Williams was an airplane designed by James Wedell. Wedell-Williams Inc. offered charter services at the time, passengerflights as well as lessons. In 1928 pilot and designer James Wedell teamed up with millionaire Harry Williams and they successfullycompeted at many air races with their Wedell Williams 44.1931 Jimmy Wedell placed second at the Thompson Trophy.Rasco Turner was impressed and wanted to compete in a Wedell Williams racer in both the 1934 and 1935 season. But he wanted Wedell to further improve the 44. The resulting Turner W4X never made it off the drawing boards, unfortunately.Delro, with the help of Mr. Uwe de Boer, decided to pursue this project and after many years of hard work they now present us theTurner W4X! This plane has been designed with the Moki 250 and Kolm BX240 in mind and will be a sure highlight at any airshow.We offer two versions of the Turner W4X. First the kit. It comes with a composite fuselage, all the CNC cut parts needed for the tail feather,the styro-balse wings which are ready to be covered as well as all the formers and composite parts needed.But the real highlight is the ARF version! These have been build and finished by Delro themselves, to our specifications. They comein the silver and pearlwhite scheme as shown, are completely finished and painted  and ready to accept radio gear and the Moki S215 orS250. The ARF is painted, covered, has all the decals, has simulated stitching, the firewall is predrilled to accept the Moki mount, the cowlhas been fit and finished, the undercarriage is prefabricated, all control surfaces are hinged, mounted and have the necessary hornsinstalled, the canopy is tinted, wingbags are included and the wing mounting system is prepared. As an extra we have preinstalled mountingbrackets in the wings should you decide to install the scale flying wires. The airplane was designed and build by Delro with no flyingwires in mind in order to eliminate the drag those wires cause. But you can, for aesthetic reasons only, add the wires quite easily yourselfas the wings are prepared with the necessary mounting points. There simply is no quicker way of getting a true showstopper airborne!


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