1 to 3


130 inches


88.6 inches

Weight ca.

37 lbs+


Kolm BX135

Kolm BX155 for towing

Kolm BX240 for towing

After successful production of the Z-26 aircraft family, the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer Moravan, began design of a new series of training aircraft, known as the Z-40 family.The resulting design is a single-engined low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction and a fixed nosewheel undercarriage. The Z 43 shares 80% of its structure with the Z 42, but is fitted with a revised fuselage accommodating a four-seater cabin and a more powerful engine. The Z-43's wings are of greater span and do not have the slight forward sweep of the Z- 42.The Z-143 is a version introduced in 1992, powered by a six-cylinder Lycoming O-540 engine.

This kit by Delro makes for a wonderful towing plane and has already won many prizes.


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