1 to 2


122 inches


116 inches

Weight ca.

35 lbs+


Kolm BX155

2-stroke 150cc+


US$ 1395

The Terzi T30 Katana is an Italian single-seat competition and aerobatic monoplane designed and built by Terzi Aerodyne of Milan, Italy.The Katana is a single-seat monoplane with a fixed conventional landing gear. Astonishingly large fairings, which blend thick, bluntedleading edge, wing and fuselage creating an aerodynamic continuum, are one of design key features. By eliminating acute angles andproducing lift, this organic shape reduces both drag due to wing-fuselage interference effects and drag due to the gap in the liftdistribution across the span at the fuselage.This means that KATANA is designed to be efficent at high angles of attack a condition in which an aerobatic aircraft spends muchof its flying time. EMHW made constructively changes so that this machine is extremely light and nevertheless doesn't leave any wishes open to strength.The flying characteristics can be hardly described. With this machine aerial maneuvers which weren't still possible till now are possible.  

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