1 to 2.3


112.2 inches


119.3 inches

Weight ca.

42 lbs+

The design of the 10-100 came from Gordon Price’s work on replacement parts for the Pitts. After designing the Ultimate wing kits,canopy, and fairing for the Pitts, Gordon decided to design his own fuselage as well. That was the genesis and birth of Ultimate Aircraft Corp. located in Guelph Ontario. Ultimate Aircraft Corp. built kits for 3 types of the ten dash series: the 10-100, 10-200 and 10-300, with the 10-300’s fuselage being 3 feet longer than the other versions. All featured full bubble canopy, four full-span ailerons, Macro FlapSystem, super rudder and three blade propellers. This biplane is unique in the fact that it evolved from a combination of full scale and model-design experience and has proven to be the best aerobatic bipe ever developed. The wing spacing, tail moment, tail areas, and vertical placement of the wing and stab all evolved from model experience.

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