Felt Filter

Heavy lead zinc body with 3 mm thick cotton felt sleeve.

Will allow you to fly the tank absolutely empty.

This filter is absolutely necessary for gas engines.

It prevents air entering the carburetor and any fine dirt that is always presenting gas.

It has a very large surface area and will never become blocked up, even after years of use.

Length: 1-15/32"

OD: 37/64"

Felt filter element Fits 3/16" ID fuel line

Fema 3D Balancer

This is a universal balancing machine for propellers designed and made in Germany for all propellers of a diameter of 12" (300mm)to 42" (1000mm) and borings of 8.0/10.0/12.0 and 20 mm in diameter.

The FEMA-balancing machine is world-wide the only one that lets you balance-out the propellers lengthways and sideways to the rotor blades. Due to the simple handling and to the high-precision display, every model maker can now balance to the utmost precision hassle free. Just drop it on the balancer, read out the bubble-glas and you are done. No matter the blade count.

 It does not get more precise than this.This balancer not only tells you which blade is heavier, but whether or not the top or the bottom of the propellerhub  is heavier, as well.

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