These on-board starters are designed as compact onboard starters, i.e. the starting device and the starter engine are mounted directly to the internal combustion engine. Thus the internal combustion engine and the onboard starter form a compact unit.

The mechanical construction of the on-board starters is similar for all models. The power is transmitted from the starter engine to the crank shaft of the internal combustion engine via the gear reduction with the integrated free-wheel. When the internal combustion engine is running the free-wheel separates the combustion engine from the on-board starter.

The kit contains all mechanical components as well as the starter engine with metal gearbox and all electric components required for the integration of the on-board starter into the model. To reduce the danger of a backstroke for the Titan/ Zenoah engines with magneto ignition we recommend using an electronic ignition. There is no danger of a backstroke if the engines are equipped with a microprocessor ignition.

Beware: These starters ONLY work in combination with the Zenoah engines which feature the rear shaft.

9724 for

Zenoah G-62

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