OS 60-80, OS 90, OS 120

Different from the universal on-board starting system, the starting device and the starter engine of the compact on-board starter are attached directly to the internal combustion engine. Thus the internal combustion engine and the on-board starter form a compact unit. According to the available space it has to be decided individually for every model which one of the two variations can be used.You need an additional plug warmer for heater plug engines which is not included in the kit. When the electronic current regulator with the stock number 9593A is used, where one or two heater plugs can be connected to, a NC-storage battery supplying the starter engine and the heater plug is needed for the operation of the electronic on-board starter. Compact on-board starting system. At this variation only the starting device is attached directly to the internal combustion engine. The starter engine is placed separately from the internal combustion engine inside the fuselage, according to the main stress or to space requirements. A propeller shaft that is variable in length transmits the power from the starter engine to the starting device at the internal combustion engine. Required NC-battery:  For internal combustion engines up to 15 cc: 9.6 volt, at least 0.75 Ah. More than 15 cc: 12 volt, at least 1 Ah.

9500 + 9532 + 9592B for OS 60-80

9512 + 9532 + 9592B for OS 90

9512 + 9540 + 9592B for OS 120

OS-Max FT 120/160, OS-Max FF 320 (Pegasus)

The on-board starters for boxer engines are designed as compact on-board starters. The kit contains all mechanical components as well as the starter engine with all-metal gearbox and all electric components that are necessary for the assembly of the on-board starter in the model.If there is no room for the compact on-board starter under the cowl the starter engine can also be attached separately inside the fuselage.

The kits include the components that are required for both assembly types. For the operation of the glow plug you also need the glow heater which is not included in the kit. If you use the plug warmer you only require one storage battery for the operation of the on-board starter from which the starter engine and the glow plug are fed.

9500 Basic kit for .60-.80

9512 Basic kit for .90 - 1.20

9532 O.S. FS60/61, 70, 80, 90/91 (4-stroke); O.S.61/91 FX (2-stroke)

9537 Saito FA 45, 50, 56, 65, 72, 80 (4-stroke)

9540 O.S. 1.20 4-stroke; O.S. 90/91, 104RX, 140RX 2-stroke


9541 Saito FA 90/91, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220 (4-Stroke)

9592B On-board Glow heater for 1 glow plug

9593B On-board Glow heater for 2 glow plugs


9594B On-board Glow heater for 4 glow plugs

9710A on-board starter OS-Max FT 120/160

9711 starter on-board OS-Max FF 320 (Pegasus)

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