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114.2 inches


86.7 inches

Weight ca.

50 lbs+


Moki S250


Scale retract system with wheels

Scale full cockpit


Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for museum scale flying propellers

The Grumman F4F Wildcat was an American carrier-based fighter aircraft that began service with both the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy (as the Martlet) in 1940. Although first used in combat by the British in Europe, the Wildcat was the only United States Navy or Marine fighter in World War II 1941–42 in the Pacific Theater besides the brief appearance of the F2A Buffalo.

This full-composite kit is absolutely breathtaking, not only due to the excessive use of space-age materials but due the the fact that this kitis absolutely organic and authentic and appearance. All the rivets, all the panel lines and smallest details are to be found here but on top of that it is not “sterile”, but authentic in appearance. Just like something you would find in service, not on a drawing board.The kit has been designed with the Moki S215/S250 in mind and the light-weight and performance are incredible. And the scale retract system tops this package off nicely.

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