The 2.5/1 gearbox ensures smooth running of the Zenoah G 62. The geared Zenoah G 62 turns our scale mahogany-birch 34x20" propeller with a speed of around 2900 rpm. Idle speed with this prop is around 800 rpm. The gearbox is very compact as the distance between engine mount and propeller is only 190 mm (7.5”), the distance between center of crankshaft to center of gearbox shaft is only 80 mm (3.15“).Without engine the gearbox weighs only 2,160 g (4 4/5 lbs) and 4,150 g (9 1/5 lbs) with Zenoah G 62 (but without muffler).  We use this gear drive in combination with the Zenoah G 62 in the Fly Baby with a wingspan of 3.8 m (149.6”) and a flying weight of 17,500 g (38 3/5 lbs). The combination provides ample power for scale-like flying and aerobatics.

In level flight the Fly Baby reaches a considerable speed and you can pull the nose up to enjoy fantastic acrobatics. As she goes down with motor cut right back, the large propeller acts like an airbrake and slows the model right down. Due to the increased size of the propeller used you get a level of performance out of your Zenoah Z62 otherwise thought impossible, You will love the power and sound you get out of this setup. The reduction gearing uses four miniature vee belts.

These Polyflex belts are more flexible, smaller, thinner and in spite of this can transfer more power as well as requiring a lot less space.The life of these Polyflex belts is unusually long, we often hears from customers who have been flying for several years with the original set of belts. Because they fit four belts it is highly unlikely that the belts fail simultaneously. When a belt fails three can carry on flying without noticing anything until the next start. A pair of new belts are easy and quick to refit.The gearbox is supplied with assembly instructions. It can be installed inline or side mounted.

The side mounted gearing has the drive shaft running alongside the carburetor and is for ring cowls, such as our Sopwith Pup and horizontally opposed twins. The inline version has the drive shaft over the crankcase, this is for models such as the Fly Baby. We stock replacement v-belt sets.

The standard version suits most installs, such as a Fly Baby, Tiger Moth, Stampe etc

The extended version suits installs such as a Fokker DVII where the cowl “kicks in”

The long version suits installs such as the Albatros where the cowl is long and tapers

Watch Dr. Vogelsang fly his Fokker DVII on the ZG62 drive to get a feel for the power of gear reduction.

Götz : I recommend using intake bends where applicable and adding our intake velocity stack to the carb. The stack will allow you to lean out the Zenoah quite a bit, lessen your fuel consumption while keeping the inside of your airframe or cowl clean (limited loss of air/fuel mix at the carb) while the bend allows you to grab the air from inside your airframe. Said air is stable and cooler, the desired side-effect being that the Zenoah’s nasty intake bark is now muffled, making for an incredibly sophisticated sounding total package.

Height from prop shaft or diameter on radial and twin

ca. 8-9.5 inches

length mount to hub

Standard: ca. 6.25 inches

Extended: ca. 8.125 inches

Long: modified, ca 9.375 inches

Weight with motor

ca. 4100 gram

2-blade laminated custom prop


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