Carburetor bends

This manifold is somewhat flatter in profile than the manifold constructed from two flanges and a copper elbow. The intake tract of this manifold is rather like a corkscrew and therefor allows a surprisingly large radius. Running characteristics of the motor and power output are excellent. All fixing screws are easily accessible. You now have no reason for the unsightly carb to be poking out of the cowl.This bend is supplied with fixing screws.

We recommend you use the 7 mm, 6mm or 2mm insulator blocks, alternatively the original Zenoah insulator supplied with the motor can be shortened to 7 mm. One extra gasket is required.

You will find the following numbers astonishing.Watch how you can really lean out your engine due to the increased efficiency that Toni Clarks products add to your setup.Your fuel consumprion will go down and your flight times will go up substantially

                                     G62               G45               G38

                                   H     L            H     L            H     L

Stock setting              1.75     1.5     1.75     1.5     1.75     1.5

With intake tube         1.25     1.35   1.25     1.25    1.25     1.25

Intake tube and bend   0.75     1.35   0.75     1.25    0.75     1.25

Toni Clark G62 bend, cast

ZG62 bend kit, you need to solder

Toni Clark ZG45 bend, cast, with gasket, tubing and insulating block  

Toni Clark 23/26 and G38 bend, cast

Intake tubes

raise the power and reduce the fuel consumption in our preferred rpm range.The acceleration is also greatly improved. We run these on all of our gas engines, especially the 4-stroke kind, let it be radial, opposed twin, inline or single.This will keep the engine from leaning out in the air due to rapid changes in enviromental pressure/ draft.

Toni Clark 18mm Aluminum - 32mm bolt pattern, 18mm opening at carb, 45mm length, 30mm opening at mouth, comes with bolts - fits all Moki, Kolm and Valach on Walbro 225s                

Toni Clark 22mm Aluminum - 32mm bolt pattern, 22mm opening at carb, 60mm length, 40mm opening at mouth, comes with bolts - fits all Moki and Valach

Aeroscale 19mm Aluminum red - 32mm bolt pattern, 19mm opening at carb, 54mm length, 44mm opening at mouth - fits all Moki, Kolm and Valach on Walbro 225s

Aeroscale 29mm Aluminum red - 46mm bolt pattern, 29mm opening at carb, 80mm length, 67mm opening at mouth -  for large carburetors

Spacers and gaskets

Tufnol spacer



ZG38 gasket

ZG45/ZG62 gasket

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