Moki Style CNC lever sets for all Walbro style carburetors

These are the best throttle/ choke levers on the market.

These CAD designed and CNC milled lever sets are pre-threaded to M2, can of course be cut to 2-56 standard easily.

I have used and tried them all, these are the ones to beat, made in Germany

K&N Filter setup

This K&N Filter in combination with the CNC milled manifold is the ultimate in the protection of your expensive engine.This will actually fit most large engines, we use them on anything from our Moki engines, to Valach, to Kolm, to Desert Aircraft and 3W.

The at first not so obvious but instant reward? These keep the inside of your cowl or airframe clean. No longer does excess fuel/oil mix seperate from the carburetor and create a misty layer of oil and grim underneath you cowl, inside your airframe. Furthremore it somewhat muffles the intake bark, creating a more sophisticated sound.

Denso plug

Spark plugs for small gas engines have insulation values, which basically determine how hot they run. Should you have a cylinder or several which you suspect run rich, for example the bottom cylinders on your radial, you are in risc of fouling up stock spark plugs. In this case we recommend our Denso plugs which are proven to fare better on a rich and cold setting.


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