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Engine Accessories

Engine Accessories


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Kolm IL310-4

Vogelsang Aeroscale is Kolm USA, trademark protected - we not only sell these fine motors, we use them

The Kolm engines are made in Austria per your custom order and shipped from Austria, Express, fully insured and to your doors. Lead times vary from 1-6 weeks depending on engine and accessories. Pricing is based on the price list in combination with the exchange rate and hence created weekly for you.

Many accessories are available, from baffles to on-board starters to exhaust solutions, counter rotating setups and much more. Please contact us should you have any questions or custom requests.

PLEASE ask about the custom backplate to hub lengths which Kolm offer on most engines - the ONLY manufacturer in the industry showcasing such customizability


Kolm Engines - a passion

Designing and producing four stroke engines is the absolute passion of Dipl. Ing. Johannes Kolm. This is a passion that has influenced his life for many years; he has been building and flying radio controlled model aircraft since 1974. With so many years of experience he has built up a mass of know-how, resulting in CNC Engineering Kolm, with a very wide ranging experience and complete know-how in the metal/plastic machining business.

Quality not quantity

Only four stroke model petrol engines are designed and made by Kolm Engines GmbH. Kolm engines are constructed in a 3D-CAD-System. The data is then taken over in a CAD-CAM system, but some parts are manufactured by manual CNC programming. All parts are manufactured on the premises, and are subject to stringent quality control before being built into the engines. A measurement report is standard practice and each engine is given a serial number.

Quality & price

"You get what you pay for". Kolm Engines are European, to be exact, an Austrian quality product, and development, testing and production is carried out in one single company, resulting in greater competence in production and more flexibility.

Highly trained workers - all of whom are also enthusiastic model pilots - develop, produce and assemble Kolm engines. They test run the engines at working temperatures, in other words each and every Kolm engine has been run for 30 minutes on the test stand.

The parts manufactured by specialist companies outside of Kolm works are subject to an exact standard for quality and precision, and for this reason, only companies from either Austria or Germany are selected.

Kolm engines are subject to a two year test phase before they are put into series production. They even undergo a 100 hour endurance test run before being put into production, which entails continuous quality control and attention to customer feedback.

Technical solutions of the highest quality

Hans Kolm is a machine designer by profession; he values especially well tested and developed ideas. Any compromises of material qualities having a possible negative impact on the quality are never considered.


•Assembled crankshafts with Tungsten balance weight inserts

•Conrods CNC milled from high strenght steel with big end needle roller bearings and plain bronze bearings at the piston pin

•All highly stressed steel surfaces are either hardened or nitrided

•Crankcases CNC milled from high-strength aerospace alloy

•HELICOIL® thread inserts for high-strength fastenings

EMHW Pitts Bulldog 2.78

All engines sold by us are serviced here in the USA


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