Moki stainless steel clamp-on flextubes

These easy to install flextube extenstions are made by Moki, for us

They are available in both 200mm (7.9inches) and 350mm (13.8inches) length, are made of stainless steel and come with a clamp which simply slides over the ring exhaust’s stack.

They bend in a very tight radius

Zimmermann 2-in-1

My favorite. These setups give your Moki much more presence, a meaner tone. At all fly-ins even the Moki guys came up and asked me what motor I am running. The difference is subtle to the novice, brings a smile to the experts face. You may or may not even increase a small performance boost.

The installation is a tad more difficult. We need to offer these at extended length (of the T shaped center tube) as distance of the ringmuffler’s exhaust stacks do differ. You would add hitemp gasket making silicone to the stacks, slide the bends over, cut the center-T to length to where it fits. You can now rotate the T so that the exhaust points where you want it to point. Now you need to solder the two bends to the center T with everything in place on the motor. Once everyting cooled off you are done. Since the stacks point away from each other the 2-In-1 will not move, can not come off.

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