Moki Drill Guide

This CAD designed and CNC milled drill guide is the only one to match the Mokie S150, S180, S215, S250, S250-7 and S400 all in one.

Feeler Gauges for Moki

Custom Moki Valve Gap Adjustment Grip

This is a tool I modified myself and have used it in our shop as well as at the field for years and decided to make it available to you. Instead of having to insert a tiny screwdrives into the end of the valve-adjustment bolt of the Moki, which is prone to either slide out, lose positionwhile tightening the setup or simply breaking off one of the tabs, you can now grab the bolt-head itself. From the front, not the top.

This allows you to adjust moreprecisely than ever possible before due to the increased levers and you, depending on the airplane, might not even have to takethe cowl off anymore.

Wiha 5.5mm open wrench for Moki valve adjustment

- it is recommended to exchange the adjustment nuts that come with the motor with after-market nuts. The ones that come with the Moki are unfortunately soft and of an nonconform outer diameter, hence prone to slip  and wear using ANY tool

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