The Oberursel UR-2 rotary engine, rated at 110 hp, was the type used to power the Fokker Dr.1 triplane, Fokker DVI and the Fokker DVIII.Built by the Oberursel Motoren Gesellschaft of Frankfurt, Germany, it was an exact copy of the famous French LeRhone 110-hprotary engine.

The UR-2 from Baron Manfred von Richthofen's airplane is on display at the Imperial War Museum, London, England.

This scale replica engine is made custom for us and it comes as seen on the photos. A true masterpiece out of the box.No more word needed, it is ready to go.

This all-composite construction turned out very light weight due to an intricate centrifugal laminating and pouring process.Although this replica engine is made to fly, it also makes for a fantastic static display replica.

Scale:  1:3

Diameter: 340mm / 13.38 inches

Weight:   1 lbs 6 ounces

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