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86.6 inches


75.7 inches

Weight ca.

19 lbs+


Saito 170 or 200


Scale pilot

Scale prop

Saito 200

Designed by Louis Blériot and Raymond Saulnier (later of Morane-Saulnier), the Blériot XI was a light and sleek monoplane constructed of oak and poplar. The flying surfaces were covered with cloth. The original XI was designed and built in 1908 and made its public debut at an indoor Paris airshow in December of that year. The aircraft's original configuration included a R.E.P. engine spinning a four blade metal paddle type propeller which proved to be unsatisfactory.The Blériot XI gained aviation immortality on 25 July 1909 when Louis Blériot crossed the English Channel from Calais to Dover in36.5 minutes, using an Anzani engine designed by the Italian engineer Alessandro Anzani. For several days bad weather grounded Blériotand his opponents Hubert Latham, who flew an Antoinette monoplane, and Count de Lambert, who brought two Wright Biplanes.That morning, Blériot awoke—albeit in a bad mood, reportedly due to having scorched his foot in a flying accident—to conditions fair enough to fly in. When Blériot took off, Latham's camp was still quiet; Latham had overslept. Fighting fog and bad weather, Blériot did not even have a compass to guide his crossing. It is said that the Anzani engine completed the flight only with the aid of a brief rain shower to cool it off. Letting the aircraft guide itself, Blériot eventually saw the grey line of the English coast. Approaching closer and closer, he spotted a French reporter waving the French flag to mark the landing spot. Blériot made a very rough"pancake" landing during which the landing gear collapsed and the propeller snapped; but he walked away, winning the £1000 prize awarded by the Daily Mail. The aircraft itself which never flew again was hurriedly repaired and put on limited display at Selfridge's Department Store in London.This is a very complete kit and includes:  • All metal parts ready for assembly  • Scale landing gear  • Spoked wheels  • Comprehensive mechanism for wing twisting  • Functional cloche  • Cedar tapered longerons, drilled and curved  • All the fuselage stringers machined to size• CNC cut ribs  • Cedar spars  • Covering fabric  • Cables and accessories  -  i promise you, you have never seen a hardware pack like this!!!

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