1 to 2.5


137.8 inches


111.8 inches

Weight ca.

52 lbs+

Centre-Est Aéronautique was formed by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez, the principal designer of Jodel aircraft, in October 1957. It began manufacturing aircraft at Darois, near Dijon, France.

The first aircraft was designed by Robin and Délémontez. It was based on the D10, a four seater designed by Édouard Joly and Délémontez at Jodel, that was shelved when work on the Jodel D11 became more urgent. In collaboration with Robin it became the 'Jodel Robin'. It later became the DR100 model (Jodel's models all had D followed by a number). Robin and Délémontez continued to upgrade the design between 1957 and 1972.

This is a full composite kit, designed and made in Germany


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