105 inches


121.25 inches

Weight ca.

44 lbs+


IQ-H160+, IQ-H180+

IQ-H200+, IQ-H220+

Carbon reinforced version with visible layup available

Electric retracts and electric brakes available

The Paritech Natrix was developed in CAD exclusively and cut in CNC. Due to these tools Paritech was able to create a 10.7% profile. By creating winglet type tips and keeping the wing loading to the lowest possible in the industry you have the best of both worlds, highest possible top end speeds and lowest possible speeds sans stall. Due to all of this, in combination with the extremly strong yet light undercarriage, the Natrix appeals to everyone from newcomers to jets to the very seasoned veteran. We can offer anything from kit form to ready to fly with the scheme of your choice, just contact us.


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