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229.5 inches

262.5 with extended winglets


108.3 inches

Weight ca.

36.5 lbs+


HQ-1.5 Acro/12%

... ... universal champion for ambitious pilots

This two-seater top model of the SZD-type-family of glassfibre composite combines the experience of 50 years of glider manufacturing with the latest experience of aerodynamics, design and ergonomics. The result enthuses experienced competition pilots as well as instructors and ambitious aerobatic pilots. The unique combination of extraordinary flight performance save and simple handling in all flying situations as well as a comfortable tandem cockpit with best visibility makes the PERKOZ the champion in its class.The PERKOZ has been designed according to JAR-22 regulations for aerobatic flying and has been approved for aerobatic flying as well as for the utility category. The version with attached wingtips has a span of 20m and an extraordinary finesse ratio of 42. The universal usability makes the PERKOZ unique and an optimum investment for clubs and private pilots.


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