1 to 4.5


92.5 inches


79.6 inches

Weight ca.

36 lbs+

This GRP full-composite kit of the Focke Wulf FW-190 A-5 maintains the original’s character and has been designed and manufactured in Germany by Petrausch Modellbau based on the original plans. The level of scale detail is simply astonishing, all the panel joints, rivets,hinges, service panels, all the original details are incorporated in the molds and appear clearly on the molded parts, due to the meticulous hand laminating technique applied. This is one of the most true-to-scale kits on the market, period. Thousands of hours had been spend on the original plug and the outcome justifies these efforts. The flaps on the wings are pre-hinged in the mold. These kits come in silver and are incredibly light. Since the whole model is completely pre-fabricated, the FW-190 can be ready to fly in a reasonable period of time. Distinct building experience is required should you consider this kit since it comes without building instructions at this point. Due to the sheer quality of the kit we wanted to offer it to our US customers nevertheless. Unlike the competition the PetrauschFW-190A is designed with SCALE length landing gear in mind. This one sits an inch higher than the “others”.This kit includes:GRP composite fuselage, GRP composite  wings, GRP composite elevator and rudder, GRP composite ailerons, GRP composite cowl,elevator segues, landing gear doors, dural wing tubes, canopy


Scale retract system

Pneumatic set

Composite spinner and fanwheel

Scale FW190A wheel set

Ask for pilot

Ask for light system

Ask for museum scale flying propellers

Ask for museum scale instrument panel

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