Kolm IL100-2

Fuel pump with integrated self-purging, passive cut-off valve and enhanced pump motor. The cut-off valve and the exhaust valve of the pump are integrated into the pump head. This pump primes on its own.

Pump incl. clamps, screws, PUN hose, T-adapter, receiver connection cable, programming jumper.

Price US$ 245

Kolm IL100-2

APS PowerFuel RX

Dr. Götz Vogelsang brought these pumps with him from Germany and the US scene has taken note ever since.

The APS Fuel-pump is a high quality accessory for your valuable model aircraft. Any gas-powered 4-stroke engine can gain tremendously from this powerhouse. If you experience problems with your motor in midair, if your engine suddenly leans out or quits, if you cannot even seem to get it to run rich on the ground to begin with, this pump might be the solution. This fuel-pump is maintenance-free and very durable. The main part of the fuel-pump is a high quality and reliable gearpump not suitable for Methanol.

The problem with radial design is that miniature radials rely on an artificial air impulse to drive the Walbro. Experience has shown that these APS pumps act as a life saver should the radial cease to be able to supply the necessary impulse. From over a decade of experience this situation seems to be “when:” and not “if”.

On all other gas engines, the 4-stroke engines included, the danger of residue oil blocking the impulse line to the Walrbo is ever-present.

Our latest model pump is fully programmable, meaning that you can switch it not only on and off from your transmitter, you can set the RPM across the throttle channel, hence lessen the load and increase both battery and pump life.

Kolm IL100-2

APS PowerSmoke RX

High grade toothed wheel pump with metallic gear. he pump can be operated either by receiver current (e.g. by a battery switch / dual power supply) or by a separate battery (e.g. 2S LiPo battery).

The PowerSmoke 740 HV is the follow-up model of the PowerSmoke 600 with revised electronics and enhanced software features - fully programmable just as the PowerFuel RX is.

The smoke-pump can be controlled (at the pressure side) either with an electric-magnetically valve (directly controlled by pump-electronics) or a (low cost) valve especially developed. "Pinpointed" turning the smoke on or off is accomplished and a so called "after-smoke" is inhibited. Both valves are available as accessory.

Pump incl. clamps, screws, receiver connection cable, programming jumper.

Price US$245

Kolm IL100-2 Kolm IL100-2

KOLM Vector pump

This is the very same pump that Airbus and Boeing are using and

Kolm went ahead and modified it for small engine usage.

This is a vane pump, not a Gearpump, and can indeed by run dry for several minutes without taking any damage. This pump is the one you chose if you do not need the ability to switch it off via transmitter, if you do not need the option to adjust rpm via programmable mix, if you want to plug-and-play without having

to monitor dry runtime.

This pump is incredibly small, weighs just above 1.1 ounces and operates between 4.8V and 12V.

This pump NEEDS to be installed at least one inch below the tank,
needs to be actively primed once. Should you ignore the correct install position you will have problems staying primed during non-operation.

Pump incl. clamp, bolt, T-fueltube adapter, Y-fueltube adapter

Price US$ 199

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Kolm IL100-2