1 to 4.5


85.8 inches


75.9 inches

Weight ca.

26 lbs+


Moki S180

Scale Landing gear - Retractable main gear including struts, retractable and steerable tail gear.

Also included are compressed air reservoir, selector valve, tubing, connectors, miscellaneous

Replica cylinders for gear - Stainless steel tubes, ball hitches

Scale wheels - Main landing gear wheels are 127mm (5 in.) Dia.

Spinner - Carbon with milled aluminium backplate

Moki S150 motor mount with special-engine dome GRP which houses all the parts of the Moki S150 setup   including tank, smoke-tank, tank fittings, gas- and smoke pendulum, Tygon-tube, screws, with cutouts,bores and screws for engine mount, linkage for gas and choke, screws for engine, total of 86 pieces

Cockpit kit/ Cockpit panel  

Gear door mechanism:                 

Pneumatic canopy slider

The Lavochkin La-7 is a true to scale reproduction of the Russian fighter airplane. All rivets, sheeting joints, as well as access and maintenance panels are reproduced. In the areas where the original had metal sheeting, the typical sheet metal look is also reproduced.The control surfaces have the fabric texture of the original. The fuselage is manufactured in the sandwich-technique. All wing segments,the elevator and horizontal stabilizer and all control surfaces and flaps are manufactured as a Herex sandwich under vacuum.This way, these components achieve a high strength at a low weight. The formers, spars, ribs, joiner receptacles, servo bays, and hardpoints for landing gear attachment and flight control surface hinging are laminated into the components. Also, reinforcements are integrated where required. Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the molded parts, the angles of attack for the wing and horizontal stabilizer are already established, and the Lavochkin La-7 can be ready in a relatively short time.For building instructions, the kit includes a CD with many pictures of build, which can be printed out, if so desired.

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